How to Play Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches remains one of the most famous slot games on the internet right now. However, you’re probably living under the cave if you’ve not heard about it or come across it, especially in the UK and another part of Europe.

It remains a favorite amongst gamblers, and you’ll see it in different pubs and bingo halls. The Rainbow Riches is a strange beast with loads of bonus rounds and exciting features for you to be enthralled in the sand win.

Players can also play Rainbow Riches for fun without using real cash in the most reputable and well-known online casinos. The Rainbow Riches is a fantastic gift to gamblers.

They’ve made the slot a pass-time activity for everyone out there who wishes to invest their time in it. Its fame has also made it available worldwide and can be accessed at any time and place.

How to play Rainbow Riches on Mobile?

The online slot has benefitted from the ever-growing technology. It is indeed compatible with most devices via various operating systems (OS).

There’s an android Rainbow Riches slot, iPhone, and Windows as well. You may be pondering how to play Rainbow Riches for fun for each popular slot; what you need to understand is that it is all the same.

These video slots’ mobile apps work perfectly and have similar features and sounds. The latter (sound) complements the excellent emerald isles of the slots, though the leprechaun doesn’t look as “perfect,” he pretty much looks like he could hurt or kill you in your sleep.

The graphics give the Irish theme respect it deserves, and the continuous adjustments make them better all the time. Moreover, the online casinos incorporate the most advanced webcast technological features to create this slot, hence, satisfying your gaming urges.

The different versions of Rainbow Riches slot

The online variations tend to be stuck in the previous slot and the latest and improved versions. The old variants give players that sense of familiarity and simplicity. However, the newer advancements give the game a more appealing outlook and higher multipliers and extensive win features that will keep them enchanted and walking to the back and coming back and forth – putting the game on repeat like a broken record.

Interestingly, you can also win up to 500x our total stake amount, and this is just awesome. Very few online slots are as generous as the Rainbow Riches; hence, if you’re a gold digger positively, you should visit this slot for a chance to have the gambling experience of your life.

How to play Rainbow Riches for fun?

You can play this popular online slot for fun in nearly all online casinos right now. This feature started as a form of product promotion for online casinos to attract customers properly. However, it has grown to be one of the most growing game forms, drawing an overwhelming number of followers.

The pain and anxiety of losing and winning money can become stressful, and many players will choose to play the free games to rekindle further the fun and entertainment of playing Rainbow Riches. In addition, it is a chance for beginners to learn the rules, betting options, strategies, and winning tips without risking any money.

You can play Rainbow Riches for fun for as long as you want until you are ready to play with real money. The casinos also recommend this game version to its users, and the players love it here.

So, the question of how to play Rainbow Riches online for fun always pops up, though this is the easiest thing in the world of betting. Most sites have the free game feature. Players can access the site, select the Rainbow Riches slot and choose the free play option, and you’re ready to play.

The online casinos give their visitors demo money of a certain amount to gamble with and win or lose, depending on your luck. Then, when they’ve finally gained enough experience, you can move to the real money option by signing up to the same site and starting up their gaming career.

Players will get to keep their winnings and begin their journey to riches via the Rainbow Riches path. Meanwhile, if you’ve yet to start playing the Rainbow Riches for fun, then you are missing out on a fantastic experience.

Rainbow Riches – The Bonus Game Features

Rainbow Riches remains a generous slot machine thanks to the return to player rate of approximately 95%, which is enough time for enough wins to keep your going. And if you also hit the bonus features, a mouthwatering jackpot that’ll make you do a lot on the spot and nickname your “leprechaun.”

The bonus features require a lot of presence to win, with the most popular and coveted being the Pots of Gold and Rainbow symbol located at the end of the central arch.

This is by far a rare feature, and you may also have to wait up to 150 spins to hit it. You should enjoy the base game for a while as you await the ultimate price. But the Rainbow Riches for fun will offer you the feel of the games as you wait your winning time.

The In – Game Bonus Features

  1. There are other fascinating features in the game. For example, the game’s Wild symbol replaces all symbols except the bonus. Meanwhile, the jackpot symbol will give you a win of about 500x your total stake – but here’s the catch, you have to line up five gold coins to get this.
  2. The Roads to Riches bonus triggered by three, four, or five leprechaun bonus symbols anywhere on the reels can give a player up to 200x their stake.
  3. The stacked symbol is the Rainbow Riches logo, the second-highest pay symbol – plus, it also pays on two characters.

As a player, you move along the multiplier until the wheel comes to a halt and reveals the value. On the flip side, the Wishing Well bonus is a pick me feature, where you choose one well, which shows your slot multiplier. This is also a higher paying feature than the former.

The game’s Pots of Gold bonus is the last one and is also the highest paying. You can get a gold, silver, or bronze pot to reveal your multiplier, and it can put a smile on your face while you head onto the bank. However, this is quite rare, but if luck falls on your side, you may be the rare winner who will ultimately enjoy the actual gold of the leprechauns.

Finally, Rainbow Riches is the most popular video slot, and its features and incredible bonuses justify this particular position. So, if you’ve got a question or information to chip in, feel free to contact us. Rainbow is here to serve your needs as far as online casino gaming is concerned. Play Rainbow Riches on all our platforms today with just a click.