Rainbow Riches Tips

Rainbow Riches was one of the very first random jackpot machines designed by Barcrest. This slot is the company’s first version with progressive pots and a low price of 2 pounds. However, since then, several modifications have been made to the laws of the game.

The game has been tweaked and refined via the years of its being in existence coupled with extra features being incorporated, new graphics and styles coming along, and the queer old restrictions being removed to make the game better.

The leprechaun is nameless, though he embarks on several adventures and seasonal themes. Still, it depends on whether the operator upgrades the game constantly. Rainbow Riches has interestingly found its way into different online casinos and websites since its first installment.

The Rainbow Riches Tips

The current information about the slot is that it is random. If any change pops up, you should check out our web platform for any changes or click on the help link found in every game. Any of the operators cannot override this feature.

The only non-random brand of Rainbow Riches from the staple of Barcrest is the Wild Clover; the rest are, however, random. It is indeed challenging to manipulate random games compared to non-random casino games. It is because it’s challenging to maneuver the random games compared to the non-random games. It’s because of the difficulty that exists when manipulating the game and the ever-changing percentage that’s constant.

The full versions have three different gaming features, and the three bonus rounds are triggered by getting three or more of the game’s feature symbol.

There are a few Rainbow Riches tips that can indeed help you have a successful gambling experience. They’re not 100% proven, though they tend to work on most occasions.

Gambling is a game of chance so that you could be lucky, fortunate today, and less fortunate tomorrow, though it’s still part of the entire game. Players can use some of the highlighted tips to increase their chances of winning narrowly, though.

The Leprechauns

These are the fascinating features of the slot. First, they offer the most varied amount of money. This is unlike the wishing well option. Second, the jackpot is easily achievable with three to five leprechaun symbols anywhere on the reels.

The value of these features is pre-determined from the start of the game and pressing the button at the beginning of each game is nothing but a formality to spice up the entertainment aspect of the casino game.

It is hard to manipulate this one, too, since it is random though the feature is reasonably achievable; exercising patience can lead you to huge wins. Letting the time run out is also a way that’s mentioned severally, though it isn’t proven.

The Pots of Gold

This remains the most lucrative of all the features. We view it as the holy grail o the feature slots and offer 50 to 500 pounds prizes. The value of the pots depends on the version you’re playing. It can be static progressive.

The selection of pots is random, and the odds displayed on the screen are the true odds. There’s a higher probability of getting the bronze than the gold, though the odds of hitting the gold are still favorable.

The value of the game’s pots isn’t determined initially, so if it has just paid out gold, it can still pay out another repeatedly.

They aren’t won in a particular order, and the prize of the progressive pots doesn’t alter the probability of hitting the jackpot. Meanwhile, the main tip is to play in the slot machine with the highest value pots.

This won’t increase or decrease your chances of hitting the pot, though it enables you to win big when you hit the jackpot. The entire purpose of gambling is to win huge, and the highest value pots will give you big wins.

The Wishing Well

The wishing wells are generally minor playing features and have a high probability of hitting them. You trigger them by obtaining three or more wishing well symbols anywhere on the reels. The second step, though, is the selection of the wells, which is random.

All the values shown at the end of the game’s feature are available for players to win. It is pretty impossible to manipulate the fundamental values in any way since they are determined at the beginning of the game.

The Mushrooms

The mushroom feature is only applicable in the Reels of Gold. You can only achieve the higher values when you get four bonus features and if the five mushroom bonus symbols pay you the jackpot. You must select a mushroom that will have a cash value or a fiery.

Players will constantly want to get the fiery variant which will knock out more mushrooms for them. A player begins the game with three picks, and it may be a bit generous enough to provide you with an extra choice of detects that you’re doing badly.

If you’re also able to clear the field with one or more picks to spare, then this will automatically double your win – giving you the chance to win big from the game’s feature.

Super Spins Features

The super sins features are only found in the bookies and nowhere else. The spins increase the stake from 92% to 94% and charge you ten pounds for five reels.

Many people play the super spins due to the increased stake and percentage payout. Unfortunately, you can’t apply the gamble feature with these spins, though this is subject to change shortly.

The different themes

The different versions of the game have different themes for various seasons. However, festive seasons such as the Christmas season may have unique pieces. But these themes don’t alter the payout of the game’s profile.


The Rainbow Riches tips that we’ve highlighted above can enhance your chances of winning, though insignificantly. It is good to apply them with caution further, and you may realize a change in your gambling experience.