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Getting Started

You might wonder why there are so many more slot machines in an online casino than anything else. Well, the answer is easy: slots make the casino the most money.

The machines are regulated to only payout a certain amount and if you are lucky it could be you, even though the math is on the casino’s side.

Slot machines generally pay between 85 and 98 per cent, depending on the game. You should pay close attention to each machine you play and familiarize yourself with the payout rate. That way you can make sure that you got paid the right amount. Not listed on the machine? Ask an attendant.

The last point needs to be stressed. Pay attention to your machine! Nothing will ruin your day more than finding out that someone hit the jackpot yesterday as soon as you walked away from the machine. In a casino, the attendant will pay the larger jackpots.

How many coins should you play? Always play the maximum. You will always have better odds of earning your money back by playing full coin. Some machines won’t even give you a chance to win the jackpot unless the maximum coins are played. You will surely kick yourself if you get a set of good reels but the payoff was only a third because only one out of three coins was played. The ratio varies from one machine to another but you’re guaranteed no chance of winning the jackpots.

History of Slot Machines

An American invention, slots have since become very popular all around the world. The most notable places include Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean. As a 29 year-old Mechanic, Charles Fey manufactured the first reels for gaming in 1887, a heck of a long time ago. San Francisco was the town to be in if you was a precognitive zombie at the turn of century, and what fun it would be to be there now. The first machines were manufactured by hand by Fey himself and placed in the local gambling palaces on a 50% rental basis. So in addition to being the inventor, Fey was also the first proprietor of the machines. Somewhat surprisingly, and against some modern mythology, Fey’s first machine was not any more bulky or any cruder than modern day examples. Nor did its reels carry the fruit symbols common today. The first slot machine was actually called the Liberty Bell, how appropriate a name for the game that has become a symbol of American culture and capitalism. The original symbols included the standard playing card imagery we are all used to – hearts, diamonds and spades- along with bells, horseshoes and a star. This original machine can still be seen today in a collection at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno Nevada, which is owned and operated by Fey’s own lineage.

Presented in 1887 as a ‘New Nickel Operated Machine’, Charley Fey, machinist and gamer, provided the world with what would become a phenomenon. The San Francisco Chronicle described Fey’s machine: “A machine featuring 3 reels mostly hidden with Horseshoes, Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, and Bells symbols on reels. The device is operated by depositing a nickel in a slot to release the handle, when the right combination of symbols stop in the window the player is awarded coins ranging from 2, on 2 Horseshoes to 20 for 3 bells. Most of those present agreed the machine should be a great success”

A great success it has been, without room from disagreement. The movement of money is an interesting thing in and of itself. Just how much money was fed into the machines in Nevada and the Caribbean to get to the $300 million yearly gross revenue? If we do a little basic math… working on the average that 10 cents of each dollar deposited is retained by the player, then $3 billion worth of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, ect move through the 50k of machines.

You may be familiar with the name ‘Big Bertha’ when it comes to the reels. This machine was designed to accept half dollar and dollars, and to pay back about 80% of what it takes in. The box is made for the most part to be a propaganda machine, catching customers imaginations and desires in one big metal image.

Well it worked, which is proofed by the appearance of the Super Big Bertha. This six by ten foot super slot machine is said to have cost more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to produce. A Five horsepower electric motor is needed to power the twenty inch wide chain driven wheels. With eight reels containing 20 symbols each, there are 25.6 billion different possible combinations. That’s right BILLION. Only one of which actually pays the 1 million dollar promised prize. A little more basic math shows that with these odds, one individual would have to put about 205 billion one dollar spins to work to mathematically hit the million dollar prize. Not the best return on investment ever conceived, except from the casinos point of view.

Slot Tips

Here are some slot tips that will help you out in the rainbow riches online casino.
1. Always play the maximum bet. In the long run your chances will be better for a bigger payout.
2. Get yourself a comp card. If you lose all your money you may get a free meal in return!
3. Know the slot machine you are about to play. Read the machine and get a feel for the different ways you can win.
4. Get your money. Make sure you cash out the slot machine before heading to another.
5. Never leave your machine. Wait for an attendant to come by. If someone plays your machine before you get the payout, you are out of luck.
6. Know your limits. Bring a bankroll and stick to it, you’ll thank yourself later.

How the Casinos place their slots

Slot machines do make money for casinos, of course they do, they wouldn’t host the games if they didn’t, and all casinos follow a specific marketing plan. You, as a slot machines player, are extremely fortunate since they follow the same general placement pattern. Careful thought has gone into the placement of each machine. No machine is placed at random, or by “accident.” The casinos know exactly what they’re doing. Believe it. The good news is: now YOU will, too! Until fairly recently, the placement within the casinos of the 96 – 99% machines was top secret information. Since no job in the casino industry is 100% secure on any level, the disclosure of such information meant instant termination and permanent “black-balling” from the industry to those who dared breach the “code of silence.”

So, where do the casinos place their best slot machines? The answer is below. Cherish it for it is critical to your success as a slot player.

1. Near the change booths – casinos want other players who are waiting in line to receive change to hear the unmistakable sounds and sights of players hitting mid-level and top jackpots. This will, supposedly, motivate other players to get more change and play more machines. It works.
2. On elevated carousels – high payoff machines that are visible from nearly any angle from the gaming floor also serve to motivate other players to put more money into THEIR chosen machines. It works.
3. Near the coffee shop/cafe/snack bar – casinos frequently place their best machines in these locations to motivate players to eat quickly and get back to the gaming floor as soon as possible. When a player takes a “time out” for food or drinks it’s time spent not playing the machines. No play = no revenue for the casino.
4. Slot aisles known as “crosswalks” – crosswalks are areas that players must walk through to get to other slot aisles. Again, the same principle applies: the casinos want slot players to witness frequent jackpot (mid-level or top) payouts. Passers-by using these carefully planned pathways are more likely to be drawn into the main slot aisles, where the mid-range and tight machines are waiting to fleece them.
5. Locations highly visible from other slot aisles – same philosophy, same reasons as cited above.
6. Round or rectangular, free-standing kiosks within the main casino – nearly all casinos sublet space to the manufacturers of slot machines (Bally’s is a prime example). These free-standing kiosks are not strictly bound by the individual casino’s marketing principles, and may have a larger percentage of “loose” machines.

Does this mean that every machine in these top 6 locations is “loose?” Of course not. It simply means that the highest concentration of loose machines can be found within these areas. How can you tell which slot machines may be the better ones? Observation, my friends. It is always your best tactical weapon in the search for the casinos’ best machines. You must be able to observe how the machines are playing at the exact moment you stand and face them.

Now that you know where the BEST machines may be located within ANY casino, you need to also know where the MID-RANGE and TIGHT machines are … so that you may AVOID them. Use the Site Navigator below to learn more. Knowledge is power, after all.