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About Video PokerVideo Poker is a somewhat contemporary invention, a fusion between traditional poker and modern slot machines. The video poker game is a match between you and the machine. During a game of video poker the dealer aka the machine will deal you a hand of five cards.

After you receive your hand you must decide which cards to hold (keep) or discard. The objective is to finish the game with the strongest hand possible. The payout at the end of the game is dependent on the value of the hand you are holding. If you have won, the game will offer you an additional opportunity to increase your winnings by participating in a doubling phase.Popular Las Vegas Online Casino video poker games include: (MGS) Aces & Faces, Deuces & Joker, Double Joker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Louisiana Double, Tens or Better.Video Poker HistoryThe exact origins of poker are often debated and no precise answers exist. Furthermore there are no clear explanations as to how the game initially was created. Based on the fundamental principles of the game its believed to have been created many, many moons ago. It is widely accepted that contemporary poker was a derivative from many different games.The earliest references to poker were allegedly made by Jonathan Green way back in 1834. His writings mentioned the rules of a game he referred to as the “cheating game.” A card game which was being played in riverboats all along the Mississippi River during this time. After discovering that he had assumedly made the first references to the game he chose to call it poker.Also highly contested are the origins of the word Poker. Many dictionaries indicated that it was derived from and eighteenth-century French game, poque. There are also many dictionaries that make reference to a German game known as pochspiel. Others say it may have originated from the Hindu word, pukka.The game of video poker was made possible by of the invention of the computer chip, thus its origins can be traced back to the mid 1970’s. The actual term “video poker” is used to refer to the many variations of the original poker game.Video poker is a combination of slot machines and the normal five-card draw poker game. The obvious differences are that video poker is played against a machine apposed to humans. The primary goals are still the same – to achieve the certain hands indicated on the payout table for the particular game you are playing. Each game may have unique rules and payoffs, but all are played in a comparable manner based on the original poker game.

How to play Video Poker at Las vegas casinoPlaying video poker requires only a basic understanding of the makeup of various poker hands. The game play itself is simple yet understanding exactly which cards to hold or discard will take practice and knowledge.When beginning play chooses the coin size you want to play.Then choose exactly how many coins you want to bet.Then all you need to do is click deal to start a game.Your first hand of cards will then be displayed in the play area on your screen. Make sure you look them over carefully. You should evaluate the cards in your hand and compare them with the payout schedule on your screen. Any winning hands will be indicated on the payout schedule and, if you have automatic hold enabled, the cards will automatically be kept for you.In power poker you will be able to hold an entire column of cards by clicking on the card in that row in the first hand and unselect a column of cards by clicking on that card again. Each time you choose to keep a card a bar saying held will be displayed across the card.Hold the cards that can potentially give you the highest payout.Click the draw button to get your new cards. If your cards make up a winning hand you will be offered an opportunity to double your money or to collect your winnings.If you have won, the game will offer you an additional opportunity to increase your winnings by participating in a doubling phase.The allow double option in the options menu of the game, is on by default. This toggles the doubling option on or off, so you can choose the option you want. If this option is not turned on the game will not allow you to double on a winning hand.The doubling option gives you a chance to increase your winnings. After completing a winning hand you will be given the chance to double the payout, or to collect your winnings. The double and collect buttons will be highlighted. To collect your winnings, click the collect button. The game will then be finished and you will have a chance to play again. If you want to try and win even more, click the double button.When you click the double button, the cards will be removed from the screen and a further five cards will replace them. The dealers’ card will be exposed, while the remaining four cards will be left face down. Select one of the faces down cards by clicking on it. The four cards will be revealed and the card you selected will be highlighted. If the card you chose has a denomination greater than that of the dealers’ card, you will win an amount double that of your original payout. You will then be given the chance to double your payout again or to collect your winnings. If your chosen card is of an equal denomination, it is a tie, and you will have a chance to collect your original winnings or to double up. If the card you chose is of a lesser denomination, you lose and will not receive any payout.Once you have collected your winnings you can begin another hand by clicking on the deal button.Video Poker HandsRoyal Straight Flush this is the highest hand.
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